Baie Ste-Anne: Major Infrastructure: Tourism Assets:

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Escuminac Beach:

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Escuminac Wharf:

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Blackville: Major Infrastructure: Tourism Assets:

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Country Haven: /files/Country Haven Fish AE_EN FR.doc

Miramichi Country Music Opry: /files/Miramichi Country Music Night at the Opry CE_EN FR.doc

Morada: /files/Morada - Miramichi Campfire CE_EN FR.doc

Stewarts Tubing: /files/Stewart Tubing Relax and Tube NHT_EN FR.doc

Upper Oxbow: /files/Upper Oxbow - Wild Atlantic Salmon AE_EN FR.doc

Miramichi is know for the friendliness, salmon fishing river, and most importantly, our spirit. We invite you to embark on an adventure in Miramichi that is as much of an inner journey, as it is a travel experience. Click to see 25 Reasons to visit and Stay on the Miramichi. Mingle with our locals, uncover our nooks and crannies, and live our customs and traditions. Discover our hospitality first hand and check out our events calander to see what is happening this week on the river.

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Doaktown: Major Infrastructure: Tourism Assets:

Homestead Inn:

/files/Homestead Inn - The Jam Shack - Take What You Make CE_EN FR.docx

First Nations: Major Infrastructure: Tourism Assets

First nations Assets: /files/First Nations Asstets-miramichi.xls

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Metepenagiag: /files/Metepenagiag CE_EN FR.doc

Esgenoopetitj:  /files/Esgenoopetitj PowWow CE_EN FR.doc

Upper Miramichi: Major Infrastructure: Tourism Assets:

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Tourism Assets in Upper Miramichi: /files/Miramichi River Route.xls