Baie Ste-Anne: Human Capital and Labour force: Specialty Trades and Professions:

Fish Processing and Packaging (lobster, smelt, herring) – Baie Ste Anne Region

This industry employs fish plant workers, which includes machine operators and fish cutters.  Machine Operators set up and operate machinery to process and package fish products.  Fish Cutters and Cleaners cut, trim and clean fish by hand. 

 Fish plant workers are required to be efficient, quality oriented and able to concentrate. They possess knowledge in fish identification and anatomy and are exposed to hot and cold elements and wet conditions.  

Peat Moss Industry Support SkillsBaie Ste Anne Region

Peat Moss production requires the use of the sun and wind to dry the surface peat layer. An uppermost layer is usually harrowed, to enhance the drying process. Technically this process is called "milling" the peat. After one to three days, the dry peat layer is then collected using large vacuum harvesters or other equipment. The peat is transported to a processing facility for screening and packaging. The main peat production season in Canada is the late May to mid-September period. Production can be severely inhibited by abnormally wet spring or summer weather resulting in significant variation in annual production. 

Peat industry workers include heavy equipment operators to operate large heavy duty farm tractors for harvesting.  These individuals are skilled at sitting for long periods in an autonomous environment while performing a repetitive task.  Plant workers include machine operators for processing and bagging machinery and mix operators with technical and computer skills.  Tractor trailer operators transport the completed product to market. 

Peat Moss Laboratories employ multidisciplinary teams of researchers in horticulture, chemistry, microbiology, agronomy and soil sciences.  Scientists are required to be informed and knowledgeable of client needs in order to make product mix adjustments.