City of Miramichi: Community Life: Unique Culture and Heritage

300 years of Irish, Acadian and First Nation cultures.

Miramichi (2006 population: 18,129) is the largest city in northern New Brunswick, Canada.[3] It is situated at the mouth of the Miramichi River where it enters Miramichi Bay. The Miramichi River valley is the longest valley in New Brunswick.

The city of Miramichi was formed in 1995 through the forced amalgamation of two towns, Newcastle and Chatham, and several smaller communities, including Douglastown, Loggieville, and Nelson.

As in other regions of the Maritimes, Miramichi culture is firmly grounded in the Mi'kmaq, Acadian, Scottish, and Irish traditions of the region's founding population, particularly in the fishing, sailing and lumbering industries.

Local festivals which celebrate Miramichi culture, and the ancestral roots of the original settlers include:

·         Miramichi Folk Song Festival

·         Annual Pow-wows hosted on the nearby Eel Ground First Nation and Metepenagiag Mi'kmaq Nation

·         La Fête nationale des Acadiens—Acadian Day

·         Miramichi Scottish Festival

·         Canada's Irish Festival on the Miramichi

·         Miramichi Fiddle Festival

Other local festivals include:

·         Canada Days Festival

·         Miramichi Rock 'n Roll Festival

·         Miramichi Salmon Classic

·         Miramichi Exhibition

·         Miramichi Valley High School Hockey Fall Classic